The Real Fiscal Cliff

Unless you were hiding under a rock for the last few months, you’ve undoubtedly heard a lot about The Fiscal Cliff. The Fiscal Cliff referred to the sharp decline in the budget deficit that could have occurred in 2013 due to increased taxes and reduced spending as required by previously enacted laws. The Congressional Budget Office cited a mild recession … Read More

wwikeadminThe Real Fiscal Cliff

Financial Guru or Political Pundit….You Decide!

If you’ve ever listened to a financial guru, financial expert or other authoritative figure in the financial services industry, at some point you’ve probably gotten to hear them talk about politics in some shape, form or fashion. Why is that? Are financial experts “in the closet” politicians? Do they aspire a different life in politics? Or, is there some interrelationship … Read More

wwikeadminFinancial Guru or Political Pundit….You Decide!

Politicians: Just Like Us or Totally Different?

If you think about it, there are many people who make a career and a very good one might I add out of being a politician. However, where does one actually learn to be a politician? I mean I know there are political science majors out there but I can’t remember how many politicians I’ve seen out there that actually … Read More

wwikeadminPoliticians: Just Like Us or Totally Different?

And We Told Them It Wasn’t A Tax!

To be called a tax or not to be called a tax, that is the question (in my Shakespearen voice) that the Obama administration now faces in the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s landmark decision on June 28, 2012. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you should have heard by now that the high court, by a 5 to … Read More

wwikeadminAnd We Told Them It Wasn’t A Tax!

Claiming the Small Business Health Care Tax Credit

If you’re a small business owner with fewer than 25 full-time equivalent employees you may be eligible for the small business health care credit that went into effect in 2010. What is the Small Business Health Care Credit? The small business health care tax credit, part of the Affordable Care Act enacted in 2010, is specifically targeted to help small … Read More

wwikeadminClaiming the Small Business Health Care Tax Credit

How To Prepare Financially For A First Marriage

For the young, newly married couple, areas of financial concern primarily include: (1) life insurance, (2) form of property ownership, and (3) money management. Life Insurance When it comes to insurance needs, the basic rule is that you need enough coverage to sustain your family’s present income level should you die. If you are the only breadwinner, or if you … Read More

wwikeadminHow To Prepare Financially For A First Marriage

Financial Planning Checklist

Once you’ve finished with your tax planning for the year, and your return is safely on its way to the IRS, you’re at an excellent point for a quick financial check-up. Your tax return is handy, as a quick snapshot of your financial situation, and the figures are recent and accurate. Take a few minutes to consider these questions: Have … Read More

wwikeadminFinancial Planning Checklist

10 Retirement Saving Tips

1. Save As Much As You Can As Early As You Can. Though it’s never too late to start, the sooner you begin saving, the more time your money has to grow. Gains each year build on the prior year’s — that’s the power of compounding, and the best way to accumulate wealth. 2. Set Realistic Goals. Project your retirement … Read More

wwikeadmin10 Retirement Saving Tips

Asset Allocation

How To Diversify For Maximum Return Asset allocation-not stock or mutual fund selection, not market timing-is generally the most important factor in determining the return on your investments. In fact, according to research which earned the Nobel Prize, asset allocation ( the types or classes of securities owned) determines approximately 90% of the return. The remaining 10% of the return … Read More

wwikeadminAsset Allocation

How Does Asset Allocation Work?

Asset allocation planning can range from the relatively simple to the complex. It can range from generic recommendations that have no relevance to your specific needs (dangerous) to recommendations based on sophisticated computer techniques (very reliable although far from perfect). Between these extremes, it can include recommendations based only on your time horizon (still risky) or on your time horizon … Read More

wwikeadminHow Does Asset Allocation Work?