It Matters If You Think It Matters

After reading an article about GOP Vice-Presidential candidate entitled, ‘Does Paul Ryan’s Black Ex-Girlfriend Matter?’, I asked myself the same question (Only after I first asked, “Is this what vetting a candidate is like?”). After some thought from all angles from both sides, I concluded that reality isn’t something that necessarily falls under the category of right or wrong. So … Read More

wwikeadminIt Matters If You Think It Matters

Taxing Tax-Deductions

It’s no secret the US Federal Government spends more than it brings in; nor is it news to anyone who’s been paying any attention this election season that the gap has increased exponentially within the last few years. In an ever ongoing attempt to reduce the trillion-dollar-plus deficits, politicians are always brainstorming new-fangled revenue sources to tap into instead of, … Read More

wwikeadminTaxing Tax-Deductions

Is There Love In The Air For Your Financial Advisor?

Nothing solidifies a relationship more than trust. It’s been said that if you’re able to say you have one best friend you can trust with your life, you’re in pretty good shape. If you find a car guy you can trust, he’s your car guy for life. And as far as romance, if you don’t have trust, “till death do … Read More

wwikeadminIs There Love In The Air For Your Financial Advisor?

Personalize Your Retirement Reality

I’ve stated in previous posts and blogs that this country doesn’t have as much an economic problem as it does with priorities. While there are great and indisputable fiscal issues making success unnecessarily difficult, success is never easy to begin with even in the best of times. Conversely, there are people determined to be successful and stay that way, regardless … Read More

wwikeadminPersonalize Your Retirement Reality

A Roof Over Your Head Protects From Rain – Not Recession

There’s a lot of talk about housing market stabilizing. Some homeowners, for instance, see the value of their houses rise simply due the decreasing availability in their specific area. Unfortunately, from a bigger-picture perspective, a look behind the curtain reveals that the recovery from the bubble-burst has a long way to go. Seniors, in particular are getting killed by the … Read More

wwikeadminA Roof Over Your Head Protects From Rain – Not Recession