Are you an Affluent Retiree and are paying too much in Taxes?

If you answered YES to the question of paying too much in taxes, then I have one more question for you: When was the last time your tax professional came to you with an idea to save you money in taxes utilizing proven Tax Planning strategies? If it’s been a while or you can’t remember, then it’s probably time to asses just how much value you’re getting from your current tax professional.

In the 21st Century, Affluent Retiree’s Can’t Afford To Work With Just “Any” Tax Professional

If you are an affluent retiree and are paying too much in taxes, you can’t afford to work with just any tax professional. You want to work with a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) that was also a Certified Tax Coach (CTC).

CTC’s are mandated by their licensing boards to focus exclusively on how to utilize tax planning as a way to reduce the affluent retiree’s tax burden. They focus on mastering the nuances of the tax law, complex tax codes and staying up-to-date on changes that will impact our tax position throughout the year. They do this because they recognize that tax planning is the key to valuable tax savings and they want to help you keep more of your income by implementing tax savings strategies throughout the year that will benefit you all year long.

What’s been your past history with planning for your taxes? Do you find out what your liability will be at the only meeting after year end that you have with your CPA when he delivers your tax return to you?….assuming you actually have a meeting with him or her? Is your tax planning non-existent or reactive at best? Are you tired of surprises at year end as to how much you owe the government? Are you tired of hearing about how “the rich” pay very little in income taxes while your individual tax liability is much higher? Do you long for the day your CPA is more proactive with helping you manage your tax liability?

If you are longing for a different, more pro-active relationship with your tax professional then we might just be the right fit for you. Our clients pay the least amount of taxes allowable by law because we identify ways for them to minimize their tax burden. We can help you too!

Did you know that you can….

• Lower or eliminate taxation on your Social Security income

• Reduce the amount of income taxes you are currently paying in retirement

• Legally avoid having to take required minimum distributions from your IRA’s

• Reduce your capital gains taxes and estate taxes

• Increase the amount of income you have at retirement without increasing your income tax

• Enjoy a completely tax-free retirement while passing more of your assets to your beneficiaries

The above are just a few of the benefits that our retired clients have achieved from our strategic tax planning services. Are you ready to start realizing similar benefits for yourself? It all starts with a complimentary “Mini-Tax Planning Session.” You’ll leave that session with an idea of the range of tax savings you’ll get to keep in your pocket by hiring us to design a Tax Plan for you.

Our Tax Plans are backed by our 100% Iron Clad Guarantee. If we can’t save you at least $25,000 in taxes over the next 5 years, we’ll refund the fee you paid to design your Tax Plan.

(Certain terms and conditions do apply).

Ready to get started? Just pull together copies of your last two years tax returns and give us a call at 470-253-9711 ext 101 to schedule your Mini-Tax Planning Session today. Due to the popularity of our tax plans, there is limited availability for our Mini-Tax Planning Sessions.

Don’t delay, give us a call at 470-253-9711 ext 101 to book your Mini-Tax Planning Session today.