A recent CPA study reported in Business 2000 magazine stated that “America’s small businesses overpaid their income taxes by over $2 Billion.” Yeah that’s a lot of 0’s after the number 2. These overpayments were made because the businesses failed to take the tax deductions they were legally entitled to take. Many of these businesses are still unaware of their errors. They overpaid their taxes and don’t even know it. The question you have to ask yourself is are you one of them? And if you are one of them, do you think the IRS is going to contact you and tell you to come pick up your tax overpayment from last year? The other question to ask yourself is are you going to overpay your taxes this year? Have you already overpaid your taxes this year? How about next year?

What’s been your past history with planning for your taxes? Do you find out what your liability will be at the only meeting after year end that you have with your CPA when he delivers your tax return to you?….assuming you actually have a meeting with him or her? Is your tax planning non-existent or reactive at best? Are you tired of surprises at year end as to how much you owe the government? Are you tired of hearing about how “big businesses” pay very little in income taxes while you, the “small to medium sized businesses” pay significantly more in tax each year? Do you long for the day your CPA is more proactive with helping you manage your tax liability?

If you’ve been frustrated by any of the above mentioned scenarios and you’d like to take more control over your tax liability by paying ONLY your fair share and NO MORE, then our strategic tax planning services for your business might just be the right solution for you. Our strategic tax planning services starts out with the design and implementation of a strategic tax plan for your business. That’s followed up by our Tax Maintenance Plan which involve discussions and meetings with you throughout the year to monitor changes to your overall business revenues and profits to ensure that there are NO SURPRISES come tax filing time. By being this pro-active with you, we can identify and recommend strategies for you to implement initially and throughout your tax year that will do any of the following:

• Ensure that you are operating your business as the “right entity type” to shield business assets from litigation as well as open up the window for proactive tax planning

• Structure income and expenses to address business and personal financial goals while minimizing your income tax liability

• Take advantage of timely tax law changes and strategies to maximize tax, business and personal financial planning opportunities

• Utilize income shifting strategies to move amounts being taxed to more favorable tax-accounting periods

• Maximize the overall amount of compensation you are receiving while minimizing your tax liability

• Take advantage of tax-free fringe benefit planning strategies for you and your employees

• Employ the use of income splitting strategies to spread the tax base among two or more taxpayers or two or more entities so as to take advantage of differing tax rates

• Coordinate your tax savings plan with your personal financial plan for maximum efficiency

• Realize substantial tax savings throughout the year and when your tax return is filed at year end

• Achieve your desired tax results while minimizing the possibility of an IRS audit

The above are just a few of the benefits that our clients have achieved from our strategic tax planning services for your business. Are you ready to start realizing similar benefits for your company? It all starts with a complimentary “Mini-Tax Planning Session.” You’ll leave that session with an idea of the range of tax savings you’ll get to keep in your pocket by hiring us to design a Tax Plan for you.

Our Tax Plans are backed by our 100% Iron Clad Guarantee. If we can’t save you at least $100,000 in taxes over the next 5 years, we’ll refund the fee you paid to design your Tax Plan.

(Certain terms and conditions do apply).

Ready to get started? Just pull together copies of your last two years tax returns and give us a call at 470-253-9711 ext 101 to schedule your Mini-Tax Planning Session today. Due to the popularity of our tax plans, there is limited availability for our Mini-Tax Planning Sessions.

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